Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Sigma Kappa is one of the 26 member groups that form the National Panhellenic Conference. With over 110 chapters and membership in excess of 152,000, Sigma Kappa provides its members with the tools to become successful women and strong leaders. Personal growth, friendship, service, and loyalty are the values we instill in our members. Your daughter’s membership in Sigma Kappa would offer friendship, companionship, scholastic assistance, leadership opportunities, meaning in college associations and a firm foundation for the rest of her life. To learn more about Sigma Kappa Sorority, please visit our website at

Our history and traditions, as well as the rights and responsibilities of membership, are detailed in our new member education program called Promise. The Promise program is the foundation of new member education in Sigma Kappa. Key components of the Promise program include scholastic and leadership development, policy review and the importance of service.

Each semester, our members are asked to make the best grades they can to help the chapter in its goal to be at or above the all-sorority average. Sigma Kappa strives to maintain a 2.5 GPA to remain in good academic standing with Sigma Kappa as a national organization. To assist our members in this goal, we have a scholarship program that helps members with study skills and time management.  It also includes other types of support systems that are unique to sorority membership.

Throughout your daughter’s collegiate career, you or she may also have interactions with two other entities that, along with the Sorority, comprise the whole of Sigma Kappa.

The Sigma Kappa National Housing Corporation (NHC) works with 35 of our chapters that own or rent housing on their campus and another 60 who maintain housing and furnishing funds in the event that an opportunity for housing may arise. The NHC provides bookkeeping/accounting services, member billing, accounts payable, and loans for house construction and improvements.  You can find more information about the NHC at  

The Sigma Kappa Foundation is focused on building a strong PULSE to strengthen the Heart of Sigma Kappa. We invite parents to honor daughters through a gift to the Foundation. Donations are targeted to five critical programmatic areas:

Philanthropic Initiatives - fighting Alzheimer's and supporting the Maine Sea Coast Mission
Unrestricted Gifts - providing flexibility to meet unanticipated demands in support of the sisterhood
Leadership Development - training our collegians and young alumnae in ethical leadership, time management and study skills to achieve their potential as women of character and accomplishment
Sisters in Need - supporting sisters in financial distress
Education - providing more than 60 individual scholarships that aid the most promising women in undergraduate and graduate studies

For more information about Sigma Kappa Foundation and how you can help strengthen the heart of Sigma Kappa, visit