Sigma Kappa

Why Join Sigma Kappa

Why Join Sigma Kappa

The purpose of Sigma Kappa Sorority is to provide women lifelong opportunities and support for social, intellectual and spiritual development by bringing women together to positively impact our communities.

Our Commitments

Leadership Opportunities

Sigma Kappa provides valuable leadership development opportunities to its members. Local and national positions offer Sigma Kappa members the opportunity to refine and focus their skills as individuals through officer training, teambuilding and chapter workshops. Designated chapter leaders and volunteers also have the opportunity to attend annual conferences to refine their leadership skills and techniques.


Members of Sigma Kappa have a long history of supporting Alzheimer’s disease research at the local level with local memory and retirement centers and at the national level with our philanthropic partner, the Alzheimer’s Association. The Sorority and its chapters also consistently provide opportunities to raise funds to support the Sigma Kappa Foundation. This emphasis on philanthropy and service allows our members to develop qualities of unselfish leadership and assume the highest responsibilities of college women.


The Sigma Kappa Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships to cover academic expenses for undergraduate and graduate degree studies. More than 60 scholarships are provided by the Foundation to encourage and support the scholastic development of our sisters. Since 1989, The Sigma Kappa Foundation has awarded nearly $900,000 in scholarships. These scholarships are made possible by our generous donors.


Sigma Kappa membership is a lifelong commitment to the shared bond of our values: friendship, service, personal growth and loyalty. The connection of upholding our values creates an everlasting sisterhood. Sisterhood plays a unique role in the life of each member and in each collegiate and alumnae chapter. Our sisterhood continues to bring members together through many years to share experiences, serve others and have fun.

Member Development

Sigma Kappa is a leader amongst our country’s women’s organizations, with 123 active college chapters. Through more than 110 alumnae chapters the women of Sigma Kappa stay in touch and involved in their communities long after graduation.


As a way to remind ourselves to honor one another and the promise we made to Sigma Kappa on the day we were initiated, RESPΣΚT was established in 2005. This program brings Sigma Kappa members together to better ourselves, others and our communities by building self-esteem, eliminating bullying and hazing, understanding the consequences of risky behavior and focusing on our core values. Through a variety of workshops, activities and resources to be used year-round, members are made aware of the factors that come together to create an atmosphere conducive to hazing.